CCTV camera systems have become a standard requirement for more and more businesses seeking to comply with Health & Safety standards, avoid product shrinkage and to protect themselves from fraudulent insurance claims. We offer different types of security surveillance camera

Cameras feature High resolution for clearer and sharper images High sensitivity in the dark environment

Day and night features for 24-hour surveillance

High resolution image

The installation of CCTV and access control systems allows you to cost-effectively protect your business property from theft and shrinkage and protect your employees and pupils from those who seek to do them harm.

NB: We offer free site survey and consultations on the type and how many CCTV cameras would be needed at a specific site.

There are quite a number of benefits that come with a CCTV system installation on your premises i.e.

  • Reduces employee theft.

  • Improves customer experience

  • Promotes safety

  • Increases employee productivity

  • Mitigate your liability risk

  • Remote management of the system


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